Step By Step to a Slimmer You!

I can help you to lose weight and build a more productive relationship with food to enhance your health and wellbeing forever.

Following our initial session, I would support you to set very clear goals an action plan to achieve your goals.

You then have 2 choices:

  1. I can offer a 3 hour workshop based on Paul McKenna’s “I Can Make you Thin” Steps to Weight loss with a follow up coaching session 2 weeks later and then another month later (with telephone support in between as necessary). This session is intensive and is about you being able to eat what you want, but in a controlled and managed way, ensuring that when you eat, you eat mindfully.  Your decisions about what you eat and how much you eat, take place in your mind. This program lets me help you reprogram your mind using various psychological techniques. I would go through numerous tools and techniques for you to go away confident and equipped to leave your excess weight behind and change your relationship with food and eating.


  1. Weekly/fortnightly one hour coaching sessions, reviewing the week before and focussing each session on the week ahead. I would again use various tools and techniques to enable you to make the necessary changes to lose weight and change your relationship with food and eating.